Axistrades supports your Trust Fund (TF) business

TFs are a strong and growing market. As a global leader in the investment services industry, we offer a complete suite of services to meet a variety of objectives and business processes. Our focus remains on what matters most to you: Efficiency, Ease of Trading, Compliance, and Value.

Flexible Solutions
Based upon your business needs, you can select one or more individual components of Axistrades TF servicing model or opt for the efficiencies of a bundled approach. Our core offerings include global custody, transfer management, portfolio compliance, financial administration, and valuation services. Our approach to collective trust fund administration ensures a more transparent service model with better fiduciary oversight, more streamlined operations, and a greater ability to support your fund’s asset growth.

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Key Capabilities
Our TF services include:

    • Private family trusts
    • Business shareholding trusts
    • Philanthropic trusts
    • Private trust company shareholding trusts

    Management and administration services to:

    • Private trust companies
    • Family limited partnerships
    • Private investment funds
    • Private companies

Start-Up Services
Collective Trust Funds offer some distinct advantages over mutual funds, such as fewer regulatory requirements and lower operational expenses. If you are new to the market, Dan Group will guide you through the creation of a new Trust Fund, including:

  • Securing the right partnerships
  • Policy and procedure establishment
  • Comprehensive fund set-up and implementation

Why Partner with Axistrades?

Axistrades has a keen understanding of the market and the business requirements of TF servicing. We provide best-in-class operational support from product creation through full continual servicing of your trust assets. Your focus remains on the core competencies of your firm: asset growth and nbsp; This comprises, e.g., the purchase and sale of high-value, non-financial assets. These include, but are not limited to, real estate, antiques, art and other private collections.limoney management. Our service model and operational platforms will accommodate the demands of your expanding business needs and growing fund assets. In addition, we’ll ensure reliable and efficient operations that are seamless to your clients and compatible with third-party providers.